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Your Transformation Vol.1

New to training and not sure where to start? Then this program is for you! The aim of this 6-week program is to slowly introduce you to a fitness routine whereby you can start to explore a variety of training methods. This in turn will hopefully give you the confidence to try some of our other plans. You will need a resistance band for your Wednesday sessions so get those ready. It may seem like a lot of sessions within each week however these sessions are very short as we want to spread the work across the week to build consistency within our workouts. Doing so allows us to settle into a routine and help us reach our goals faster. Every 2 weeks you'll see the number of reps you'll be doing is decreasing, this isn't because it's getting easier. As the reps drop you need to increase resistance by either using a heavier resistance band or shortening the distance on it. Enjoy!

Week 1 of 6

Week one is here and so are you, dive in and let's get ready to transform your life!

Week 2 of 6

Well done for getting through week 1 let's get started on week 2 now. We have new sessions for you to continue your journey!

Week 3 of 6

Great work getting this far, as you can see on Wednesday's session we are reducing the reps to 12 so be sure to increase that resistance!

Week 4 of 6

You are halfway through the 6 weeks! You've done the hard work to get here let's push through to the end!

Week 5 of 6

In week 5 we are decreasing the reps once again down to 10 now so make the resistance more again and go for it!

Week 6 of 6

Week 6 and our final week here in Volume 1. Let's finish well and see you in volume 2. Congratulations!